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super mario speed run guide. Details: Super Mario Run 64 is a game that was released a few weeks ago made by Kaze Emanuar. Mario tries to speedrun SM64. Unfortunately it won't play over 20-30 fps and is very laggy. Super Mario Run has finally arrived for android and it's already topping charts! Super Mario Run is a mix between an endless runner and a traditional D Look below for our SuperMario Run Coin Guide on how to get all colored coins in world ! Super mario speed run is pretty amazing and Best New. Something About Super Mario All-Stars Speedrun ANIMATED (Loud Sound & Light Sensitivity Warning). Try this game out yourself at. Windows 10 64 Bit (latest service pack) CPU. series, as well as Super Mario World. Tutorial: How To Beat The Game As Fire Mario Using Warps In Under 5:20: M a r s 0 2 M a r s 0 2: 31 May 2019: Useful Glitches: Saradoc. Super mario 64 speedrun (terminalmontage animation) vs Speedrun REAL (comparación)|FlippyTGamer. Roblox Roblox Classics Obby Xeno Blade Gameplay Nr 0667 By Gameplayereye Do I Play Games Anymore Idk Killing The King With A Tiny Tank In Roblox. #RoyalSuperMario #RoyalSuperLuigi🎮 Subscribe for more videos! ;)🎮 My Second Channel: https://www. Speedrun - Wikipedia The Mushroom Kingdom: Super Mario Bros. Mars02Mars02. The Super Mario Bros. However, through some circumstances, was possessed by the Speed Demon. This is MIPS' first appearance since SMG4: Mario Does The Chores. Through this, he gains incredible powers, including the power of the backwards long-jump. An impromptu tutorial I did all in one go. World Tour. The blue suit state normally occurs when Samus has achieved enough running speed (or more accurately, "once the boost counter has incremented four times" as explained on TASVideos), and normally only lasts until Samus ceases forward movement or ceases other means of temporarily maintaining it. Choose what you need from our extensive library of events and actions to sculpt the game you desire. Super Mario 64 ’s "any percentage" run, which has you completing the game as fast as you can regardless of how much of the game you actually complete, has actually. It is Nintendo's first mobile game that is part of one of the company's long-running and major franchises. Super Mario World (1990) Super Mario series. SUPER MARIO RUN Scheduled for 12. Super Mario 64 Speed Run (5:34). SMB3 Any% Intermediate/Advanced Wrong Warp Setups Tutorial (Made by Czikubi) Rh4kor. This guide includes a beginner's Any% route for Cap and. And that is fascinating. 0 has hit the App Store and here are all the new goodies included in the update!. As EA says, “ Need. It permits him to get greater in the air, and landing on Growth Growth's head a handful of moments really should. Find this Pin and more on Super Mario Run by Deck Royale. Aufrufe 34 Mio. Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to follow the rhythm. So you can enjoy this game right at your school or anywhere you want. - Roblox Speed Run 4! W/AshDubh - YouTube. 20 Super Mario Run tips to get your game on point. When you get to a red. That means if you need to do 47 super jumps, but you drop at 20 and had 27 remaining, your next round of jumps should be going for 19, not 27. How do I get rally tickets?. /r/speedrun is a subreddit for the speedrunning community. Thread Author; Where do we retime Super Mario All Stars speedruns? Last post 2 Jan 2022. In the game, Mario is constantly moving to the right and the player can make him jump by tapping the screen. Super Mario 3D Land Guide (Prima Official Game Guides) [PDF Download] lucycynthia4187. SpeedrunsDotNet. Super Mario 64 is not new. American airlines fly now pay later. [World Record] Super Mario Bros - Any% Speedrun in 4:55. Super Mario Run is an automatic runner platformer game for mobile devices. 1:10 - Super Sonic Racing, Sonic R. Super Metroid Speed Run (June 2018) Dragon Quest XI - Magic Key Guide. Shigeru Miyamoto. NOT by me!! Credit, where credit is due; speed run by: Scott 'sdkess' Kessler. Other content includes multimedia, tips, … Side Quests - Paper Mario Wiki Guide - IGN Dec 14, 2021 · Super Paper Mario. 3 before should already know just how important the P-Meter can be when it comes to keeping Mario moving at a healthy pace. Super Show!: With Lou Albano, Harvey Atkin, John Stocker, Danny Wells. Super Mario Kart 2. U Deluxe has made the literal jump to Nintendo Switch, bringing 2D Mario platforming action to the console for the first time. The game features four modes: World Tour, the main game mode where players go through 6 different worlds to. TAS Super Mario 64 N64 in 15:35 by Rikku - YouTube. 230 To be honest, I'm kinda stunned that I managed to get this so This incredible speed run was performed by multiple gamers. This incredible speed run was performed by multiple gamers. This guide for Super Mario 3D All-Stars offers a walkthrough for all three Mario classics. © Notch Development AB. Super Metroid Super Mario 64. NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3080. Super Mario Run is Nintendo's big move into the mobile gaming space. Released in 1996, SM64 was released on the Nintendo 64 ® , one of the first consoles supporting 3D level design. Super Mario 64 120 star speed run sets new world record Siglemic does it all in 1:43:54, after 5000 hours of practice. Uses The Same Memory Addresses As Super Mario Bros. The walljump is a trick that allows for many sequence breaks, and is important to master for speedrunning. Released in 1985 to a world hungry for video games, Mario was an instant success and has become a household name spawning countless sequels, spinoffs, and new characters. When Mario reaches top speed he will spread his arms out. This incredible speed run was performed by multiple gamers. Super Mario World is a platform game developed and published by Nintendo in 1990 for the SNES. ■World Tour Run and jump with style to. A man walks past a logo of Super Mario computer game at a Nintendo store in Tokyo on November 5, 2020, after the gaming giant said its first-half net profit soared 243. Super Mario Speed Run. Super Mario Odyssey Forum / Switch Versions (Locked) Astronick. Full Game Leaderboard Category Extensions. Tutorial: How To Beat The Game As Fire Mario Using Warps In Under 5:20. Show Full Description. System Requirements, 2009. Need for Speed Heat. In this step, we will now dump the firmware files from your Switch for use in yuzu. The SNES compilation Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World contained remakes of the Super Mario Bros. Specifications. One way to defeat him is to use Mario's reverse wall bounce. You knowone man can make a difference and With great power comes great responsiblityWHY???. It's the same with GameCube, the speed is, I guess like 50-70% of what it should be, but not more. Our Super Mario Odyssey guide is here on this page to help with plenty of those specifics, where we've gathered a number of individual pages together into Super Mario Odyssey, as you might have noticed from a glance at that whopping great list below, is quite large. A comprehensive guide to movement for speedrunning Super Mario Odyssey, including everything you'll need to start speedrunning SMO in regards to general move. Roblox Speedrun 4 O Jogo Pra Dar Rage Quit Youtube roblox speedrun 4 o jogo pra dar rage quit. While many speedruns depend largely upon great skill, such as Super Mario 64's 120-star run, others actually take advantage of numerous glitches, which are often hard to pull off. 2 days ago. Prima Pagina Super Mario Nintendo Videogiochi pinterest. If you want to run the game at a High FPS in 4K Resolution with Ray Tracing, you need to have the hardware listed below. › Get more: Super mario sunshine speedrun recordShow All. 6 percent on-year. This page describes the moves that Mario can do, with and without Yoshi. Luckily, throughout the game, there are red blocks you can use to pause the action. Follow our Super Mario 64 stars guide and Super Mario 64 walkthrough as we detail every hidden star and 100 coins challenge in every level. Super Mario 64. It's a silly racing game that players of all ages can enjoy. To perform a walljump, start a spinjump against a wall. The picks will be announced on Oct 5th. Rebecca Spear. Throwback Throwdown Speed Run is the second mission of the Boss Blitz Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Why does Super Mario run need Internet? How do you unlock gold in Mario? Why does Super Mario run need Internet? Currently Mario Kart Tour, has been released for you on iOS and Android devices, in this guide we will tell you one of the best features in this version and it's. Best states for gardeners. Also the speed is too slow. Intel i9-9900K or AMD Ryzen 3700X. Speed Run 4 Soundtrack Roblox By Mercy Rebus On Soundcloud Hear The World S Sounds speed run 4 soundtrack roblox by. Astronick Astronick. Super Mario 64 is arguably the most popular speedrunning game of all time. Super Mario Odyssey Speedrunning Movement Guide. Super Mario 64 was the first 3D game in the Mario series, and though it was. takes the super mario bros 35th battle royale to a whole different level dont it. 3 Those who have played Super Mario Bros. Social media influencer Tavo Betancourt gets exposed for cheating on a Super Mario Bros. Super Mario World Speed Run (1:45:51) by Go1den #SGDQ 2013. 4) An image recognition based autosplitter for SM64 runs. Toadsworth: Is everything ready? Toad: Yep! Toadette: And I just finished baking this delicious looking cake! Camera then cuts to the wedding happening, peach is walking down the aisle. Tutorial (How To Beat Super Mario Bros. com tip www. In Super Mario 3D World, finishing the ultimate hardest and the final level, Champion's Road, can't be avoided if players are looking for 100 percent completion of the game. Speedrunning leaderboards, resources, forums, and more! Full Game Leaderboard Category Extensions Level Leaderboard All Bob-omb Battlefield Whomp's Fortress Jolly Roger Bay Cool, Cool Mountain Big Boo's Haunt Hazy Maze Cave Lethal Lava Land Shifting Sand Land Dire Dire Docks Snowman's Land Wet-Dry World Tall, Tall Mountain Tiny Huge Island. For NES on the NES, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Super Mario Speed Run Madness". Details: Single segment run of Super Mario Galaxy completed in 3:00:34 (starting when you gain control of Mario and ending when getting. Super Mario Bros. You can also find all info you could possibly need. The game, like many of its era, is built upon blocky geometry and graphics that are far less sophisticated than the spectacularly textured and detailed worlds rendered by modern consoles and PCs, such as. Press away from the wall, and press jump soon after. Under two minutes, without the use of the space bar. Super mario maker 2 awesome levels - auto. Super Mario 63. Details: A comprehensive guide to movement for speedrunning Super Mario Odyssey, including everything you'll need to start speedrunning SMO in regards to general move. Toad Rally is Super Mario Run's competitive mode, where you race through levels against other players, collecting coins and pulling off stylish moves to In this guide, we'll walk you through Toad Rally, teaching you strategies to defeat your Paper Mario-looking opponents. The speedrun where you make Mario cool as fast as possible music file uploaded on 29 September 2020 by EazySpeezy. Despite being a series of linear stages rather. Ditonton 506 rb7 tahun yang lalu. TerminalMontage. The speed record for the black sheep in the 'Super Mario' 3D franchise could be broken this weekend. com new www. What's the fastest speed run in Super Mario Bros? Although that specific set of inputs may technically be possible for Can You Run Super Mario Bros on the eShop? Using the eShop version, any usb loader, or any emulator isn't allowed. 5 months ago. 2 years ago. You have a very simple task in Friday Night Funkin FNF vs Speedrunner Mario Mod to play when the Arrow Marks are coming from below, when the The Keybaord Controls for FNF FNF vs Speedrunner Mario Mod are WASD or Arrow Keys. Just select your. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the best Nintendo Switch games of all time, and for good reason. 3 Any% Warpless Route (Made by Cujo) jtknott. Full Hd Roblox Super Mario Direct Download And Watch Online. Super Mario Run is a 2016 platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for iOS and later Android. if i want to Fast action guide skip i must show my FW versions. Super Mario 64 - speedrun. 17 (April Fools) Pasando Super Mario en 5 minutos (Parodia Badabun) Secret Worlds in Super Mario Bros?!. [World Record] Super Mario Bros. 856 sec Check out retro gaming pro David Livingston, aka Kosmic (USA). Table of Contents. I just found out about about the SM64 speed running discord server with the streams_but_not_yours. However, with the right guidance, a lot of patience, and practice, it is manageable, and within a few hours, Champion's Road can be scratched off your "to-do" list. ActRaiser (1:07 Super Mario RPG: Super Metroid (0:44:26) Super Punch-Out!! (0:02:16) Super Star, out her mission with speed and precisiory Super Metroid is a one-player game. Vor 2 years. Super Mario Maker 2 S Ninji Speedruns Are Missing A Crucial. Misty Perez. This time we're back on a variety of courses playing In this guide we will equip you with key information about the best Mario Golf characters, how to create the best Mario Golf Mii and other general tips to. Super Mario 64 Speed Run (5:34). Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit — The ultimate guide. This was a really good run, but I forgot a coin in bowser's castle, which cost me about 6:40, which would have put me under 3:30. Super Mario Galaxy Speedrun Guide ! View the latest news and breaking news today. This tutorial will teach you how to do a speed run of Super Mario World in less then 20 minutes! An in-depth beginner's guide to speedrunning Super Mario Odyssey. Breaking the speed run record on the best selling game of all time is much more complicated than you'd The ultimate guide to everything famous people have made for your face, hair and body. Super Mario Bros Speedrun Com super mario bros speedrun com. Super Mario World Speed Run Tutorial. Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Speed Run Roblox Speed Run 4 W Ashdubh Youtube super mario speed run roblox speed. Help You Speedrun Cat Mario By Joshthecat. com, only trailing Super Mario 64, Minecraft: Java Edition, and ROBLOX: Speed Run 4 Many glitches are used to optimize the times, such as out of bounds clips in the Lake Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, and Seaside Kingdom, and a jump in the Moon. #mariospeedrun #parody #badabun Speed run mockery, of a cheater who stole other speed runs in a failed attempt to make their own speed run. Super Mario RPG super jumps: a guide for noobs, by another The uncounted first jump also does the damage output equivalent of 8 super jumps. Super Mario 64 Speedrun Movement Guide - YouTube. Speedruns - Speed Gaming News. [Deleted user] 11 months ago. As of November 24, 2021, the game has the fourth most speedrunners of any game on speedrun. (He/Him) Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It's a homebrew game that is based off of the concept of the upcoming Super Mario Run game for mobile devices due for later this. Roblox Xbox Speed Run 4 Running Race Br Iframe Title Youtube roblox xbox speed run 4 running race br iframe title youtube. Super Mario Run Stickers include 12 immagini che possono essere trascinate sopra ad un iMessage, aggiunte in una conversazione, applicate in cima ad una foto. Princess Peach. The Bonus works this way: you get 5 Chances that has to run around the map collecting all the points, and the 5 rounds made o o have to be Perfect to get the Release. 6 setup guide for SM64 (Website) GiBoss GiBoss: 7 Dec 2021: Speedrunning Tips for Beginners by Bluebob (Video) alaris alaris: 20 Apr 2021: Super Mario 64 Glossary/Trick List With Videos 2017 (Google Doc) D r o g i e D r o g i e: 20 Apr 2021. Best FAQs From www. Super Mario Galaxy Speed Run (3:00:34) Part 1 - YouTube. Soo Close Speed Run 4 And Super Blocky Ball Roblox Gameplay With My Sister Youtube youtube. Source: iMore. 17 Nov 2021. Super Mario 64 is a video game for the Nintendo 64. In Super Paper Mario, there is a game named Larry Koopa: Zombie. Super Mario Bros speed run in a lightning fast 18 min 59. Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free and after you purchase the game, you will be able to play all the modes with no additional payment required. com, only beat by Hey guys, Super Mario 64, running: 120star. If he gets hit in this mode he will turn back to regular Mario instead of dying. It is obviously tool assisted, as it is normally impossible to complete. Speedrunning is a play-through of a video Note that not every run can be included in the marathon. What does that mean?. It doesn't just impact how fast Mario can travel on foot either, but also whether or not he is able to fly after picking up a Super Leaf or the Tanooki Suit. Play Super Mario Run unblocked everywhere! In some areas such as schools, workplaces, hospitals, etc. Find everything you need to make your 2D game! Made for beginners, Drag and Drop is the perfect visual coding tool to start turning your ideas into games. I tried to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 on my laptop, with the dolphin emulator. SpeedDemosArchiveSDA. › Get more: InstallsDetail Install. Copyright 2010-2021 Team Meat. downloads and information. I looked in the game rules in any% and it says switch FW versions later than 10. Super Mario Maker 2 Top 10 List Of The Best Levels Polygon. Along with Pilotwings 64, it was one of the big launch titles for the new console. This is everything I have ever wanted. Super Mario Odyssey 2 is a 2023 Nintendo game. Minecraft Steve: included courtesy of Mojang AB. In Under 6 Mins. ) and make sure it is connected to your computer. Mario Golf: Super Rush is out now on Nintendo Switch, the latest sports spin-off from Camelot. How to Beat Super Mario 64 with only 16 stars. Mario speed run. Here we have the original Super Mario Bros. 314 I cannot believe it, but here it is: SMB1 Any% World Record. Luckily, you've got GameSpot's Walkthrough to help you get her back. Boot your Nintendo Switch into RCM mode (steps 2c. 195k members in the speedrun community. Super Mario Bros 2 - Speed Run in 08:52 *World Record* by 'cak' (2012 SDA) [NES]SpeedDemosArchiveSDA. Any% tutorials - Guides - Super Mario Galaxy 2 - speedrun. N64 is the only officially supported platform, however most EMU runners. You can try out all four modes before purchase: World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder. Any% Speedrun in 4:55. Want to get into speedrunning Super Mario 64? This video will show you all the tricks you need to beat the game with only 16 stars in under 20 minutes!For mo. Před 10 lety. The Need for Speed series is one of the oldest when it comes to racing games and the latest entry, Need for Speed: Heat, was released in November 2019. Speed Run Guide - New Super Mario 2 Wiki Guide - IGN. The window for pressing jump will depend on your location relative to the wall and various other conditions, but the. SNES, GameCube, Wii (classic), Game Boy Advance. plug into Controller Port 1 on your Super. This getting started guide for Mario Kart 8 runs through both new and Each one also raises your kart's top speed, Much like Mario Kart 7's Lucky 7 Mario 7 comments: Super Metroid Speed Run Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64, 1997) Every game in the Mario Kart series besides the first three (Super Mario. The shortest Super Mario Run courses ever! Super Mario Run done short and sweet!. Super Mario 64 is a popular title in the speedrunning community and has recently received a fair bit of publicity. Super Mario 64 Speedrunning Discord Mortgage! Mortgage property, auto, real estate, mortgage finance calculation. The Mario Brothers, Princess Toadstool, and Toad go on various adventures while battling the evil King Koopa. As the flagship killer game, it drove initial sales of the Nintendo 64, and has sold over 11 million copies in total. If Mario eats a Super Mushroom , he becomes a Super Mario — he grows to double his size and gains the ability to break bricks above him. Script: Camera zooms in on an outdoor wedding in a garden. Some games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe require the use of files found inside the Nintendo Switch System Update Firmware to be playable. This guide will act as a hub for all of our Super Mario Run content, and you'll be able to click the various links before to find out more information about the game including, what it is, how much it cost, how to find all the collectible. Speed run crashed driving road cctv hilarious funny mario bros mario super mario warp pipe bruh wtf oof car crash accident scooter super mario bros. Everything New In Super Mario Maker 2 Ign. Super Mario Galaxy Walkthrough. Watch as speedrunner Area51 tears his way through Super Mario World, earning himself the world record in the 11 exit speedrun. Super Mario Maker 2 All Mii Outfit Unlocks List Guide. Speedrun in 4:54. com/c/RoyalSuperLuigi🎮 Discord: https://discor. World Record Speed Run of Cat Mario. , gaming sites such as CrazyGames are often On CrazyGames, we provide you with Super Mario Run unblocked for free. "Clip: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gameplay" Clip: Boss Rush Speed Run (TV Episode 2017) Parents Guide and Certifications from around the world. Red_Reign/iFunny. The game was released worldwide on October 27, 2017, and it sees Mario once again going on an epic adventure throughout Mushroom Kingdom. That rapscallion Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach again. Members of the speed-running community have been pioneers of this ethos since time immemorial, showing no sign of slowing down-and this weekend, they're taking on the black sheep of. News Guides Resources Streams Forum Statistics ROM Hacks Any Mario speed run record. 9 day ago Super Mario 64 (1996) Autosplit64 (0. Control a remote control Mario or Luigi kart with your Nintendo Switch. 0 are prohibited. Full Game Runs (Total / Recent). 2016 release. Super Mario Sunshine is a beautiful GameCube platformer released in 2002. Very proud of everything that has led up to this run. Free For All. Super Mario Speed Run 5:46. The blue suit glitch describes the phenomenon in which Samus is in a constant state of blue suit. I wanted this tutorial to be concise, informative, and really well done but I'm not sure how well I accomplished. Help Super Mario reach the finish line of the London Marathon! I am running London Marathon 2021 this year (this is my third attempt, after getting injured during training for 2019, and then 2020 never happened because you-know-what), and thought I would try and put the "fun" back into "fundraising". Add your Super Mario Run Player ID, and add as many others as you can!. World Alteration Codes. Project 64 1. 10 Super Mario Bros. To run left or right (respectively) press the or and press or. SMB3 Warpless Strategy Revolving Around New W5 Routing. Guide – All characters in Pokémon Legends: Arceus As for the first of these competitions, we have access to the info and rules about the Super Mario Maker 2 Ninji Speedrun Online Challenge. Speedrunner Mario (also referred to as TerminalMontage Mario/Speed Demon) at one point, was just Mario. Super jump from turbo running only by Galoob. As of right now, it still sits in the top three over on speedrun. Covers all Mario games and cameos from 1981 to the present. Something About Super Mario World SPEEDRUN ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning). SMR Super Mario run Hack Boom Growth is one particular of Bowser's minions, and you will come up from him through the sport. - speedrun. Sub-6:00 Any% Guide: C u r s h b u r g e r C u r s h b u r g e r: 11 Nov 2021: Super Mario Bros. Pull Star Path Speed Run (Comet. While its sequels on the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 run at a fluid 60 frames per second, Super Mario Sunshine is only a 30 FPS (or 25 in PAL) game. Bob Bobowski. New Super Mario Bros. super mario bros wii speed run history. It's a chaotic game - not strictly. World 1-1 Speed Run. SNES, WiiVC, 3DSVC, WiiUVC, Switch, SNESClassic. Super Mario Brothers Parkour 2 In Real Life Roblox Minecraft Speed Run 4 Minecraft Meets Roblox Gamer Chad Plays Youtube roblox minecraft speed run 4 minecraft meets roblox gamer chad plays. Buy Now! Support; Privacy Policy; Team Meat. Super mario speed run! - Mapa Minecraft. Super Speed Game by Rick L. Run and jump with style to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches!. For this guide, I recommend sticking to the stable build, which you can find for your operating system of choice here (as of this writing, the most current version is 1. How to Beat Super Mario 64 with only 16 stars. Play Super Mario games and more, Super Mario Speed Bike. This here is a Super Mario Bros TAS in 4:57 It's only a few milliseconds faster than this regular speed-run. Super Mario Odyssey is one of the newest installments of the Mario Series, being the first original Mario Title released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It is obviously tool assisted, as it is normally impossible to complete World Record Speed Run of Cat Mario. The mission is only made available if the player collected the Comet Medal from the previous mission and. Toad: Mario, do you take the princess to be your lawfully wedded wife? Mario: Whoopee! Toad: Princess. ) M a r s 0 2 M a r s 0 2: 26 Apr 2018: Super Mario Bros. Press or to walk left or right, respectively. That's due to the fact the speedrun world record was broken on March 31, 2020. Super Mario 3D land world 2-3 speedrun 29 seconds. When activating receive Bonus Level 5 Speed o o in a Turn thus achieving Decrease your time and Racing Increased Its RECORD!. Maybe you have some tips for me? Pc-Specs: OS: Windows 8. Super Mario Run Stickers sono disponibili sul App Store dedicato agli iMessage | appleiDea. Tortoise Run After Super Mario. Download The speedrun where you make Mario cool as fast as possible MP3 music or Mp4 Video file at 320kbps audio quality and Full HD. S a v i r T h e S p e e d r u n n e r S a v i r T h e S p e e d r u n n e r. I know its a long video but if you ever struggled to beat this game this is worth the w. No matter how addictive Super Mario Run is, sometimes your finger gets tired. GameMaker Studio 2 is a powerful tool for both beginners and professionals. FAQ/Speed Guide by nemes1s: 101K: Pure Speed Run Guide by Smokey__ 55K: In-Depth FAQs: Unless specifically noted as an 'emulated' run, all speed runs are done on the original 100% speed run of Super Metroid, His GameFAQs guide was of some.

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