Sakusa X Reader He Calls You Clingy

sakusa x reader he calls you clingy. " after that, he said nothing to you, leaving the two of you in silence you realized you were always this way, and you felt insecure, as touch was one of your love languages and you hadn't realized how annoying that must have been. post-break up heartaches. ” you turn from the two pairs of sunglasses before you, following sakusa’s gaze all the way towards a little girl standing just beyond one of the clothing racks in the store. The letter you had written him was the paper you held in your hand when he was breaking up with you. - warnings: being called clingy, aizawa gets annoyed with reader and berates them, one use of the word ‘shit’. 2] he's cheering you up you're drunk surprise possessive boyfriend poly relationship ft. Pairings: akaashi x reader, suna x reader, kuroo x reader, sugawara x reader. Since Tokyo was the host of the Spring High, they have 3 spots available to represent the city, we just have to make to gain one of them. 'hey , you're hot" which you both fall in love somehow online sakusa x fem reader very cringe since i wrote it a long time ago and has spelling mistakes and is re. Eren, Armin, and Levi (I wrote this in the middle of the night two months ago and never posted this- I’m posting it because it’s a waste to throw away🤞🏻). +genre: angst. song inspo → circles + and, both by eden. But the unwavering look in Sakusa’s eyes said otherwise. "I'm not clingy, I just like being near you all the time. Don't call me at work!" He practically yelled. You truly did. Sakusa x Reader. But then he met you. As your boyfriend flicks off theSakusa looks at you with a grimace, and you guess you deserve it. established relationship. what i want , part one. pairing: atsumu x fem! reader. here's part two if anyone wants to read it <3 SAKUSA KIYOOMI is a little. how he reacts to seeing you wearing his hoodie. Originally posted by senjutobiirama. A little ten-year-old with cute chubby cheeks, it was during a time when he envied Suna for having. ON GOING: Tangled Up (akaashi keiji x fem! reader) - final chap; Reply 2003 (tsukishima kei x fem!reader) RUN (interactive horror au) Red Moon (kenhina body switch). Like, full on angst and fluff and all things that destroys and meds hearts ️. they say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. ╰ headcanon. Sakusa is a germaphobe. Genre : Angst Hq Masterlist. more than enough - Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader - SFW a/n: anon, if this is self indulgent for you, imagine for me. Read sakusa x reader novel written by the author madeline_d on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Teen stories, Newest updated All rights reserved. platonic, romantic, he didn’t care. ↠ Pairing: Kōtarō Bokuto x F!Reader x Atsumu Miya ↵ ↠ Summary: When Y/n decided to move to Tokyo with her father after being humiliated in her first year of secondary school, she never expected to fall for Kōtarō Bokuto, and when he decided to go pro for the MSBY Black Jackals, she sure as hell didn’t think she’d ever have to see Atsumu Miya ever again. She legitimately thought it was a joke. +warnings: none, except sadness. Stupid - Sakusa x Reader by 𝚏𝚕𝚢𝚗𝚗 55. As for the shoe box, he decided to keep it tucked away under his bed, too attached to discard of them like you did. - [attempt at] angst to fluff. “Would you allow me to kiss you?”. and then he sniffles, proud tears threatening to ruin this whole moment, "y/n!!! she's walking!! our baby's walking!" he calls out for you, voice now cracking from all the emotion. #haikyuu boys as dads. Suna is SUCH a clingy bitch and I will not accept criticism or disagreements on this headcanon I hope this was what you were hoping for!. sakusa isn't one to really scream at a sudden attack but he lets out the smallest yelp when you jump out from behind a wall. "No silly," you huff, turning to grab his face gently and wipe the tears. 2020 · Pairing: Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader. ⌗ MIKEY would throw himself to you no matter what are you doing he would become a koala latched to your body it was either you somehow managed to carry him or the both of you would be on the floor, he would. You arrived to school and was greeted at the front gate by your boyfriend. drabble(-ish idk) becauseeee yeah!. ↬ kageyama tobio x reader. SAKUSA KIYOOMI stares at you, wide-eyed and shocked. bokuto is a liar ↬ akaashi keiji x reader [8:24pm] ↬ tsukishima kei x reader. 3:21am- Iwaoi. He is so fond of reading that he is looking for any way to enjoy books. We enter to the gym once again, Nekoma now facing Nohebi Academy for the last spot. AUTHOR'S NOTE: omiomi is so hot like pls stop, i'm turning into a. but it's ok. ) set in timeskip so pro athlete!suna. title: love and other catastrophes [smau + written]. immediately and unnaturally whips his head in the opposite direction; you suppress a laugh as he suddenly turns his head at anywhere but you, looking at anywhere but at you. wc: 2333 | gn reader | arranged marriage au | angst | warnings: arguing, divorce mention | read part two you weren't sure why kiyoomi had even agreed to your marriage. synopsis: atsumu has been in love with her his whole life but that was until you came along, now conflicted with his feelings he must make a choice, is it gonna be you, who he has been head over heels for since the first day he saw you or her, the girl he was sure was the one for him. featuring: sakusa kiyoomi tags: fluff, bit of angst maybe. "I thought you hated when we took naps together. but why did Gojo and Reader get divorced, if he clearly still loves and wants us? 🥺 Ex husband Gojo drabbles Ya’ll really like ex husband Gojo huh? 😭 Fine, I’ll entertain ya’ll a bit more. [email protected] is a racial slur used for japanese people, and it breaks my heart when people use it to Atsumu. He did pick you up from the bar. - We know this already, but they're tricky players…. reader records videos of atsumu drunk whenever he sees him. ok so, it's sad hours and i'm here to break ur hearts <3 jk, shsldjsldj this for @feralfordazai, u hurt me with ur mikey angst and now, imma hurt u with mine 😭 ahslshslw ily. 𝐎𝐒𝐀𝐌𝐔 — you wanted to see how much you could affect your boyfriend. there is one surprising fact you learned about sakusa kiyoomi during your relationship. PAIRING: suna rintarou x reader. "We've been dating since first year, you know me well by now, (M/n). But ehehe it makes me happy that you're glad I'm back :,) NOW HERES DRUNK ATSUMU! Also only @shiny-bun wanted to be tagged sobs reeeeeaaaal confidence booster I know :,). May I make a request can you do a Simon X reader when ever you have a chance. Whispering huskily into your ear that you should be grateful he likes you so much, that anyone else would be dead in your position. sakusa isn’t a big fan of you being clingy; *he calls you cute you never were. They are known for their dissimilar yet indistinguishable personalities as Osamu is more introverted and reserved whereas Atsumu is more extroverted and loud. paring: sakusa x f!reader. Dean x Shy! Insecure! Reader You stepped into the blaring music and chaotic atmosphere of the bar, Dean guiding you to a booth at the back, his hand on the small of your back, sending off both a. i can feel your air intake. As your picking the fruit, Itto brags on how you're the best partner he could ever have. warnings/tags FLUFFF WOW!! shocking, includes mbsy main 4, sha's brain malfunctioning, gn!reader, sha being soft for msby. Bart Simpson Edit💀🥀💔💊prank on Aot characters. Despite the fact that he is obstinate. He knows he's lucky that he's always worn this black coat of his. Instead, he smiles, a rare sight for even those close to him, and your eyes glimmer a bit as the corners turn upward as well. Who knew the crimson general was so attractive. Oh my god when I tell you Sakusa almost had an aneurysm when they started to run towards you and his son, i mean it; he literally went from one side of the gym to in front of you two with the most disgusted look on his face; Hito's pretty similar to Sakusa as in like… he hates germs so when he saw those two sweaty adults running towards him. surprisingly, you're not in there, like you would usually be, and there's no delicious aroma or evidence of use at all. Hoseok someone. → a/n: this really meant to come out as a small word dump but then this happened :/ yes, it is still sort of a word dump but it's a slightly longer, more organized word dump <3 oh and blame @sunasbabie for the angst. Hello Storytown: On Level Reader 5 Pack Grade 1 The Mystery Of The Missing Cat|HARCOURT SCHOOL PUBLISHERS there and welcome to our service! We want to share a special discount with you on your first purchase. ↠ Starts playing with your fingers silently, still looking at you with big eyes until you falter. you're giggling at the sight of your usually pretty stoic boyfriend but he won't even look at you 😭. characters ; Mikey, Suna Rintarou, Kozume Kenma, Mitsuya Takashi. ⚠️warnings - mentions of alcohol through the fic. Please refrain from overly requesting writings for the minors in each of the fictional works named above. you were just bidding him goodbye after another date. his eyes never left his daughter as she continues to take her first steps, moving. You shuddered, as you worked up the courage to knock on the door. you came from a humble family, attended an average university, and worked an. You can't take it anymore. WHEN YOU CATCH THEM STARING AT YOU. Anyways, he called you on the phone to ask you what type you wanted and you decided it'd be perfect time for a prank. "you're walking!" he gasps, hands still covering his now shaky mouth. He decides that the guilt-ridden Father Sakusa and Sakusa/Royal AU. Sakusa was actually returning her feelings. Details: SAKUSA KIYOOMI who leans into your touch whenever he can because he never knew what he was missing. some fluff. wc: just shy of 1k “(y/n)” “hm?” “that kid won’t stop staring at me. it’s like a gross nasal jet, i don’t know. who blushes pretty pink behind his mask whenever you pay with his hair but giggles anyway because even though its so embarrassing he can't stop himself. Warnings ⚠️: curse words, a hint of physical assault, mentions of knives and guns and a whole lotta fighting and many more. you thought your time would never come until someone from your past comes along and brings up something you’ve long forgotten. Another thing Sakusa could live without hearing but what is his life? If you enjoy gossip then you should look forward to whatever Sakusa has to say because he will die before he admits he likes gossip. warnings: none x fem!reader | other timestamps. As the rest of the class got up to leave for the day and you shuffled awkwardly towards the door, your teacher put his hand on your shoulder. Afterwards, by chance, he learns of the truth that his old housemate, Song Myeong-sin, have partook in his younger brother's death, and decides to take revenge against him. ship: fred weasley x reader. Sakusa hates being the in public eye but that’s unavoidable with his career. Meeting a Karma Akabane!Reader. Details: 3 hours, 39 minutes 3h 39m. Atsumu x reader - Sweet, Sweet Lies Called Drunk Miya Atsumu. sakusa kiyoomi x reader. INSTALL "Installroot 4" on your machine. I thought I was too clingy," you say coming up with your own assumptions. 27 users here now. He keeps the world away from Sakusa when Sakusa can’t deal with it. Now here you were, waiting for his answer. enchantingchoso: “𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚕 𝚖𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚝- attack on titan masterlist - haikyuu masterlist - jujutsu kaisen. REQUEST: hellooo can i request an akaashi/sakusa x reader where they go to different colleges and how they're gonna keep their relationship strong :oo can be a scenario or headcanon!! ️ asked by: akaashit-baeji CHARACTERS: sakusa kiyoomi and akaashi keiji. the wail of a baby stays awake the entire night, and suna is losing his mind. IT'S NOT LIVING IF IT'S NOT WITH YOU — sanzu haruchiyo x reader. who calls you over when. ↠ Sometimes, he even brings food into the conversation. I write x reader fics where you can both request for the reader to be gender-neutral or female, I can't write for male readers (sorry ><) bc I am simply not male and it'd feel weird to me. Why is he looking at you like this? Why can't he just silently get off and let it be over with? The passion burning in his ocean blue eyes is. ⛥ミOikawa enters your room to see you fangirling about fictional boys, he gets all needy and clingy. When that doesn't work, he brings up your favorite things or items and offers to buy them for you (even if he's broke). Following all of that, you should be up and running. He wanted you to tie him to a chair, arms behind him with a rope tightly binding his wrists together. You inwardly frowned as the teacher called you in front to introduce yourself to class. “Shoto,” you called out to him. now he's just a tad bit embarrassed you. When you first started dating you never thought you would get. kiss kiss fall in love /hj ( mikey, mitsuya, hakkai, smiley ). He called it special treatment. GENRE: fluff, a little angst. He’s always, always making sure Sakusa is comfortable and clean and happy. "why can't you tell when i want to be alone? god, you're always so clingy. he kisses you during an argument (pt. You can also post fanfictions and text posts discussing why x is your favorite boy, how sexy he is, and even what would you like to do to him if he was real. oikawa x reader tsukishima x reader bokuto x reader ushijima x reader kuroo x reader sakusa x reader haikyuu x reader haikyuu!! hq x reader hq headcanons kageyama x reader. A virtual reality game "Pangea", in which our main character went to read books. Watch out for the angel! pairing: Sakusa Kiyoomi x Angel!fem. " you grumbled, returning to your books. of all the proposals and offers his family must have received, it baffled you as to why you were the one he accepted. He climbed into the bed and sat next to you. The place they'll be staying at just happened to have a onsen too and reader-chan wanted to get in. Enjoy some clingy soft bakubabe. He just doesn't want you to look at other guys even if they aren't real —Genre: 💌 —Word count: 1. sakusa kiyoomi kind of likes making pancakes. Sakusa Kiyoomi is no fool towards your shift of attitude, he knows something is up when you snap at him when you were usually the calmer one (yes, you may be a bundle of energy and spitfire but you were relatively calm in the most part) so he calls the head of your hospital and sits him down, the head is shaking and on his knees, begging him to. [ COMPLETED ] A Reader x Sakusa Kiyoomi fanfic, where you both fall in love at the most Why does Sakusa sleep at the edge of the bed? Sakusa -as much as you love him- isn't that type. Atsumu has matured greatly but still has some Meltdowns. You're easy to spot, despite the room being full, and Sakusa doesn't realize he's made his way to you until you're looking at him, eyes wide and lips parted. Haikyuu x Reader. International Love-Haikyuu x foreign reader Pt 46. IWAIZUMI: omgggg; iwa as a dad makes my brain go brrrrrrr; dilf!energy. because you find someone who thinks you are. He doesn't. mattsunami. it’d always been inevitable. Evidently, he took hand holding quite seriously, and taking that right away from him was a quick indicator that you were unhappy— and that he had making up to do. while pressing your chest up against his, you pretended to play a game on your phone, while your legs encased his. flings his arms around you and holds onto you. He refused to meet your eyes, scared of what your eyes might tell him. MasterlistTexts:he calls you clingy you're drunk you're jealous Texts:he's busy [PT. But Atsumu, glorious, blinding Atsumu is there to keep the crowds and the germs and all of it focused on him. GENRE & CONTENT WARNINGS: hurt/comfort. it's not that he hates carrots, but will eat carrot cake. he is sure you’re about to be annoying again, but his heart swells a little at the softness in your eyes and the goofy grin on your face; and an ‘i love you’ falls from your lips and he can’t fight the smile settling on his own as his hand clasps. Besides having to deal with the neighbor following him everywhere, he still had to endure the girl telling him that he was an angel. 4K 33 hey are you smart? what the hell? ┅ ┉┉ ┅ 17 year old Y/N L/N, who attends Karasuno High School accidentally texts #2 ace in Japan Sakusa Kiyoomi. 2) pairings: iwaizumi x reader, bokuto x reader, tanaka x reader. sad but happy ending? maybe reader was attacked randomly while going home? also can u also include that they’ve been dating for a long time <3 thank y so much. Because even if this man in front of you is a ghoul, he is still. msby boys when you kiss them for the first time. Those ghoul eyes that can frighten anyone in sight. ━ different colleges and LDR. "-----"[Y/n]?"You raised from your crouched position and turned your head to the source of the voice. no, he was just like any other kid — he liked to play in the mud and run in the rain and have little food fights with his. (os) Affection {Sakusa x Reader} "Can I cuddle under your sweatshirt-" "why are you asking me? It's the final countdown!!!! *Bbrawp braa boooow boooww* XD Ignore me and happy reading!~~X is for X's and O's~~It was Valentine's Day and you were walking around Itachiyama Academy and you kind of. do we still call these crack fics or is there a new term for it idk PLEASE IGNORE THE MISTAKES I AM DOING MY BEST™. International Love-Haikyuu x foreign reader Pt 45. Summary: Sakusa calls the cute barista who left their Can i request for Omi, Toshi, and Kita with a short girlfriend that is clingy and affectionate. To do this choose the "Trust Store" tab instead of the "Certificate Validation" tab on the Tools page of the DISA site. he loves things—he loves pickled plums, the smell of fresh bed sheets, the serenity in solitude when he's alone with the world at 6am during his run ᝰ em writes. The clatter of her red heels filled the hallway. Word Count: 1909 a/n: this was intended to just be a short study on sakusa having EDS and how iwaizumi handles it during the olympics, but i just… idk, i just wanted iwaizumi to simp for a reader since everyone simps for him. pairing: kuroo tetsurō x f!reader word count: 1863 words, fluff! mutual pining! warning: manga spoilers, with mention of kuroo’s timeskip occupation summary: always the bridesmaid, never the bride. I see Kuroo talking to the captain, annoyance in his face. That doesn't mean he doesn't fuck you until you can't process anything around you. Supports 40+ languages. He clenched his fists together and pouted at your tone, "I don't even know why he likes you!" You feel a vein pop in his forehead as you hear his insult, you proceeded to chunk a pillow to his direction in which he successfully dodged, "Get your facts straight and I assure you, he doesn't like me. On your way home from Sakusa’s volleyball game, you could tell something was off with your boyfriend. ⛥ミGetting drunk at a friend's party, you stumbled over to Iwaizumi's house. He'd shower you with compliments, and he'd go out of his way to make you feel good about yourself; he's your cheerleader. " He looked up at me, his beautiful eyes shining with the need of being pampered by me, and I couldn't resist. would just like to request something sith sakusa kiyoomi :]]] about how reader has a crush on him and omi rejects them,, but they also just decide to be friends bc reader doesnt want to lose them. Please leave your email, and we’ll send you a 10% OFF coupon with an exclusive promo code. a/n: helloo i’m so glad that you like it, thanks sweetie!! and i hope that you like this one as well <33 (part 1 , part 3, part 4 here!) Iwaizumi Hajime ”i told you to stop following me”. She thought for a moment before slowly nodding. Yet, he thankfully didn’t look too much like a criminal, if not a little on the sarcastic side what with his eyebrow quirked up with a little grin playing on his lips. He quickly put down y/n, who was embarrassed It was Sakusa who was walking towards them and stopped between the woman and y/n. Warnings: none. sakusa kiyoomi wasn't always a germaphobe. <3 this is just a drabble ahrkehsks likes, rbs and comments. he is ready to fight you off when your hands reach out towards him and capture his face, his cheeks pressing against your palm. #katsuki x reader #bakugou-x-reader-fluff #bakugou x reader #bakugou x You loved Sakusa. Details: Kita X FEM!reader Kiyoomi Sakusa X FEM!reader He wanted you to be a doctor, engineer, motivational speaker. warnings: swearing, suggestive themes, (warnings to be added for each chapter) summary: time was all sakusa needed to figure things out, but what if there was another person in the picture? would he finally man up or let you walk away? updates: every other monday 7am gmt+8. warnings: mentions of wine, no pronouns are used for the reader you and sakusa kiyoomi wander to the kitchen whenever you can’t sleep. Su Heck finished reading the last page of the book and closed it. Stop being such an annoying clingy girlfriend. I'm at work, leave me alone! It's like the only time of the day when I don't have to put up with you!" I could feel tears brimming my eyes. ꗃ WHEN HE'S CLINGY ⌗. Warnings: some cursing, flufffff. tokyo revengers. you shuffled your hips closer to his and it took you all your strength from moaning out his name when your clit rubbed a little too hard. especially if you’re with him — sitting on the countertop, wearing one of his shirts, wide smile spread across your face (because i’m with you, you had whispered one night in his ear, do i smile so brightly and now he can’t help but be so giddy whenever you’re together in the kitchen) as you eat some fruit he had chopped up earlier that day. 26th of October, today's is the Spring High preliminary, which will decide which schools will go to Nationals. Warnings: Angst. Going to be honest here and tell you that this kinda turned into a headcanon type of writing towards the middle…whoops. in the warmth of your love and the comfort of your touch ⤷ sakusa kiyoomi, miya atsumu ⤷ verse 1 | verse 2 ⤷ play. I love Kiyoomi and I love me some making up soft comfort after angst HONESTLY I can be a bit petty myself 🥺 so I hope you really enjoy reading this as much as I loved writing it!Always let me know what you think too!. He stares at you with wide eyes when you cup his cheeks and cradle them in your. his eyes are wide but they soften as soon as they realize it's you. It means he absolutely has to share with the two of you. & suna isn’t good with words, so he repeats it, over and over, hoping it’ll somehow be enough. Please source the artist whenever possible. Sakusa: Oftentimes, much like tonight, when slumber becomes a distant memory you end upAny normal person would have urged their significant other back to bed, but as cute as Sakusa wasEven in this state, he was always so clingy. Request: hi babes i love your writing!! may i request a tommy one shot with the prompts: sad (10,15,16) and humour (22,24). relationships: suna rintarou x gn! reader, sakusa kiyoomi x gn! reader. Prompt/summary: Tonight was supposed to be soft, cuddly, you were goingI, too, am a firm believer in that first comment. genre: fluff, slightly angst. but, all he ever wanted to do was play volleyball. 3k general taglist: @graykageyama @tsume @thesorebae @micasaessakusa @alouphen When Atsumu was sixteen, he met you. Keep reading. he and you— you and he— the two of you were meant to share love in your life. Pairing: Kiyoomi Sakusa x f!reader. born out of the thought that a clingy omi is a very cute omi. › 3 days ago Sakusa x fem Reader. Sakusa x Reader (X~X's and O's)(Haikyuu!!) X is for X's and O's ~~ It was Valentine's Day and you were walking around Itachiyama Academy and you kind of wished you were home. synopsis: sakusa wants to live closer to campus… with you. he looks over to your side of the bed where you’ve strategically placed a pillow over your face, so you wouldn’t have to wake up and then finally have the chance to sleep after weeks of taking care of your baby with no break. and he thinks he’s over you. pairing → james griffin x reader. word count → 1132. with his curly raven hair, noticeable marks, impassive expressions, amazing talent for volleyball— Sakusa Kiyoomi was your autumn. "Installroot 4: NIPR Windows Installer" is the DoD PKI certificate installer that you then need to download and install. it's not that he tried ballet before getting into volleyball, and secretly wants to try it again. i'll be fine somehow by benjamin ingrosso, remember the mornings by clinton kane commissions: open ⇢ SAKUSA was hardly a believer of gods, firm with following his principles of crediting only the existence of things he can see with his. it’s a (now) usual habit that started around the second week of you living together — when you found him sitting on a kitchen stool, eating lucky charms while reading a magazine. join leave2,998 readers. It's easy to hide what's happening below the counter diluc x reader genshin impact x reader diluc/reader diluc diluc ragnivindr genshin impact genshin diluc genshin smut lets GOOOOO ty ppl who voted for diluc nsfw i got ur msg heh. sakusa had always thought that was a load of bullshit. He carefully places one hand on the back of your head, and with the other he slowly wraps your head. Read the most popular sakusaxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. he gets up and goes to the kitchen to see what you've made for the both of you. Author’s note 📝: my first headcanons tee hee~ I’m gonna be honest this may be shtty lol, if you stuck around till the end then thank you!. genre: angst & fluff. Atsumu: *takes a step towards sakusa* Sakusa: uh no *takes a step backwards* «────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────». you debate whether you should come up to him and call him out on his act, but he just looked so cute staring into a very much uninteresting leaf on the ground that you couldn't bring. pairings: sakusa x reader, atsumu x reader, osamu x reader, aran x reader, suna x reader. heavy angst, hurt no comfort, neglect, cheating, character death + wc. into place, like him. Sakusa: you need to back up from me. aizawa calling you clingy - gn reader. Read aloud the current web-page article with one click, using text to speech (TTS). He’s scared he might have actually fucked up when you say nothing to him all the way home but he finds out why you ran upstairs the moment you stepped into the house, he knows he got you exactly where he wanted. How good of a cook you are, how sweet you are to his gang and to him, and how lucky he is to have caught someone like you. genre/warnings: fluff, mildly suggestive not keen on putting on a public display of affection. i don't know if it's long awaited but yep. You see him Number 15 of the 23. That's when Sakusa realized he was carrying y/n in his arms for the whole time as if his phobia didn't exist. why is kita so clingy with his atsumu? -- a jealous sakusa fanfiction that no one asked for -- pls do not call atsumu a [email protected] or sangw*o when reading my book, it is offensive to the creator and he is my comfort character. A/N: If you’d like to see the models of the car pls find it here. 4k+ A/N: Because I kind of did something like this already for Connor here, I did a variation of it in this story. "I just-" I began. He knew that you were going through some difficult things, and he wanted to make sure you were okay. This was one of the first times Bucky was staying the night, and you knew that he wasn't going to judge you about anything, but you were still staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror, all your flaws free of makeup. When He Compares You to His Ex Girlfriend Ft. thank you for this! stay safe cutie <3 main masterlist aoba johsai masterlist. Stop Hiding (Bucky Barnes x reader) Word count: 600. The day started out well. he knows this "fame" his career is bringing him is more or less a good thing. You, who was all things soft and sweet, rounded edges where his were sharp, a smile where he had a scowl. He looked at you for a brief moment, making butterflies in your stomach flutter. “I’d like to kiss you,” he said again. it wasn’t the worst of breakups, he’d say. kuroo x reader. Tears were streaming down my face at this point. maybe they left it in the fridge? he thinks. he's so excitedly grateful for all of it - the fans, the autographs, and sometimes, when they're not weirdly stalking him when he's with you, he appreciates the handful of paparazzi too. sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintaro, kageyama tobio, iwaizumi hajime ## warnings. “Shoto, look at me. He picked up the trash with his white gloves on and looked. [iii] the one that ruined it all +synopsis: hq boys and the one that ruined it all. +characters: sakusa kiyoomi, kozume kenma, hinata shōyō, kita shinsuke. Atsumu is completely over heels in love with his s/o, so he'll be shocked if you're self-conscious about your appearance. Synopsis: Sukuna would’ve been annoyed enough that you had found yourself into his soul for the second time - by accident, again - but he was more annoyed that you had the nerve to ignore him in his presence. -> Haikyuu boys at ang paboritong luto nila ng cornbeef. I would say this was a Drabble, and it was going to be short but then I kinda got carried away and now we have 1064 of pure fluff. hi i would like to make a request,, it would be ok if you wont make it. Soft!Bakugou x fem!reader. Sakusa Kiyoomi : You are in your final year of college and after classes, you came home to Sakusa and your shared apartment and fell asleep immediately, as for the past few days you were busy with a group project which resulted in pulling all-nighters for the past. sitting on their face. " "but i don't say it enough," sakusa sighs. he doesn’t really mind that you look like that all the time, he’s just grateful he has a s/o he can take seriously he still thinks youre pretty/handsome though when he first saw you acting totally different was when he was looking for you around lunch, roaming around the halls and looking into your classes. "He's so close. He's too cute. He whispers sweet "I love you"s that melt my heart, every bad thought I've had of him slips away as our lips connect. notes ; send in ask if you want more. I just can't stop his love. A T S U M U - M I Y A. heavy smooch smooch, sickening fluff from iwa's part, suggestive if you squint at suna's part, Y/N wears lipstick! ## a/n. characters: you, sakusa kiyoomi genre: comfort fic, fluff wc: 1000+ a/n: ok so thinkin ab that one shower art @xavestory sent in d gc and i'm losing my mind <3 as always <3 "you know i'm inlove with you right?" "i feel it. But not you. What is sakusa x reader. characters: gender neutral! reader, suna rintarou, sakusa kiyoomi, miya atsumu. you couldn’t handle his apathy anymore, he couldn’t give you what you wanted, so it was natural to call it quits. This is all light-hearted fun everyone please drive safe and enjoy! Miya Atsumu (AMG GT 63 S) “Baby careful, please” Atsumu pleads. so if the. and maybe after their friendship grows more, omi realizes what kind of person reader is (like he thinks that reader is actually. until you happen. Pairing: iwaizumi x gn!reader Summary: After a call at five in the morning from a frantic Sakusa, Iwaizumi learns just how amazing the MSBY trainer really is. synopsis: he loves you, without words, and he comes to realize that it frustrates him. reader synopsis: Sakusa Kiyoomi's life turned upside down when a weird noisy girl moved into the house next to him. roommate ; college!sakusa x reader fluff. [11:42 AM]— SAKUSA KIYOOMI. kids at the mall. hq sakusa sakusa x reader haikyuu!! tw abuse unrequited love angst Im sorry sobs oomiizaslvt. he swore he was dead for a moment—his heart had skipped a few beats. he's clingy, even more so than usual. Word Count: 2. +author's notes: ahh, here's part three. Miya Atsumu x Reader, Sakusa Kiyoomi x Reader, Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader. If he waited just a little longer then he would have gotten that letter and things would be different. but the refrigerator is empty, too. "so!" the building manager calls, "going back to what i was about to say, we usually see couples rent this unit together so i thought. As you walk down the streets to you close small market. If you had told Tsukishima that he would have a super clingy girlfriend one day, he’d probably just make that ‘tch’ sound and talk away with you, in disbelief that anyone would ever think he would put up with clingy. he makes you insecure. oikawa thinks of you whenever he thinks of that phrase, a phrase contrasting love at first sight, and sparks the hope for a premonition of it instead. Sakusa came closer to her, pulling his mask down. includes: timeskip!iwaizumi, akaashi, & sakusa genre: fluff warnings: none a/n: ah yes all three of my favorite men as dad's, my heart is full. he thinks of that phrase when you call him by the mean nicknames iwaizumi gave, he thinks of that phrase when you facetime him at the crack of dawn, he thinks of that phrase when he is so completely heartbroken by the fact that he missed you too much that it hurt— and he will think of that phrase when you’re finally ready to tell him that. Where Namjoon calls the reader clingy, so she stop her clinginess and Namjoon finds out and feels bad so he regret it and. it's not even that he. Usually when you’d come back home, he’d be all tired and clingy, blanketing you in his arms as he blubbers about how great his spikes are in a sleepy manner. inspiration from this post <3 [] [part 2 (w/ kuroo)the "we really shouldn't be doing this. he was always meant to love you. i love a good hot mess x together guy trope LMAOOO sakusa x reader sakusa kiyoomi x reader sakusa x you sakusa kiyoomi x you sakusa kiyoomi haikyuu x reader hq sakusa sakusa ridiculous. You giggled at the sight of sakusa's perfect nails glistening with pink and purple polish, some messy dots littering on the side of his finger, which you knew he "kiyoomi" you called, at both your tone and expression, he narrowed his already half opened eyes, but not having the energy, or will, to ask you. Bts calls you clingy. (he calls you clingy and insecure. Pairing: Sukuna x Vessel!Reader (Basically, it’s you instead of Itadori Yuuji). Bucky stood on the other side of the kitchen, his shoulder's hunched over, his long hair covering part of his face and his eyes sad. "My Yuu-chan gets really clingy when he needs attention~," I teased him and I lifted him up and carried us to his bed. when he’s clingy ( mikey, mitsuya ) when you randomly bite them ( mikey, draken, baji ) having a s/o being in a band ( ran, rindou, mikey ) how Baji would react if his s/o injured. bed a sakusa x reader fic"summary: the story of your relationship told by the way you two sleepSome might call you childish; needy- though you want it anyway. sakusa kiyoomi's unhealthy fixation on (miya atsumu's) lips- Sakatsu. You're still resting on his arms, so you look down at him while he laughs and smiles. ” When he finally did, you slowly wiped away the tears that feel from his eyes. "Well then I have a secret, it's becoming hard to sleep without you in my arms," he says. Sakusa wants to kiss you. The best way to show Sakusa you were mad was to revoke his hand holding privileges. I hope that was okay! It gets kind of cheesy at the end but there’s a lot of angst to balance it out. he sticks to his. haikyuu haikyuu fluff haikyuu x reader haikyuu x y/n haikyuu x you hq fluff hq x reader haikyuu imagines hq imagines sakusa x reader. - Fukurodani vs Nekoma -. Can i request for Omi, Toshi, and Kita with a short girlfriend that is clingy and affectionate? thank youuu so. He takes care of your drunk self for the time meaning. fukurodani masterlist itachiyama masterlist. The Yoohan that made such determination comes into contact with a man who says that he'll help him…. insisting that all your attention goes to him and pouting whenever it's not. dasomlimie masterlist. Maybe It's Called Fate Sakusa Kiyoomi - kai on hiatus. request → Hey! I’m in love with your writing! I’m not sure if you’ve done this, but it would be amazing to see a James Griffin x Reader enemies to lovers trope. 𝐓𝐘𝐏𝐄𝐒 𝐎𝐅 𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐒 𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇 𝐇𝐐 𝐌𝐄𝐍 ## ft. #sakusa+kiyoomi+x+reader on Tumblr. You hated sleeping with makeup on, but you didn't really know if you. When your farther breaks the news of an arranged marriage for an alliance, you could think Eventually, you find yourself building a kinship with Atsumu, Bokuto, Hinata, and Sakusa in which you call the worst and best job in the world. [07:22] suna rintarou and his baby. crossing the threshold prompt: our love is spread across years, even if for the majority was not spent together; I’ll make up for it forever pairing: atsumu x reader word count: 5. Being a transfer student at this time of the year caught some of the.

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